About Treasure City Thrift

Our Purpose

Treasure City is organized for solidarity not charity purposes, and/or educational or scientific purposes, including;

The Most Affordable Thrift Store In Austin

At Treasure City, we believe that thrift stores by definition should be thrifty. So we are. By selling items in our store at lower prices than other local retail and thrift shops, we are affordable to all, opening our doors to a truly diverse set of folks. And unlike other thrift stores, we work towards zero-waste: we throw away as little as possible, we partner with Ecology Action to recycle whatever we can, and we give away unsold items each month at the Really Really Free Market. We are a constantly evolving hybrid of many things such as:

The store is collectively organized. There are no bosses here! We are supported entirely by donations from our community! (Click here to see donation guidelines.) From the items you donate, we try to reuse and resell as much as possible. To further divert waste from the landfill, we have a comprehensive recycling program developed with Ecology Action. We hope this project will be an inspiration and model for other groups to replicate. We welcome your questions and comments.

Collective Inspiration

Below are links to groups, books, movements, and other grassroots, collective projects and events that have shaped and continue to sculpt who we are and, consequently, what Treasure City Thrift is: